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As a result of internal reorganizations, both ATCOMEX B.V. and ATCOMEX Sp. z.o.o. became sister companies of which the shares are entirely owned by Denoo B.V.


Consolidation of the ATCOMEX activities in Belgium and in Poland on 3 main construction types:

– Aircraft refuelling
– Industry & environment
– Road tankers
Logo Atcomex We Drive Your Succes


Take over of Upgrade Environment, part of the Group Upgrade Energy N.V.

Evolution from the old name FUELLINK B.V.B.A. to ATCOMEX B.V.

Expansion and start up of ATCOMEX Poland Sp. z.o.o, with an engineering and production department in Kielce, Poland.


Peter Denoo (Kroy Finance) becomes the new owner of ATCOMEX Company N.V. and creates FUELLINK B.V.B.A.

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ATCOMEX Company N.V. is taken over by a consortium of industrial partners, lead by Fernand Hollevoet.

There are now 90 employees active in the development and production of road tankers, aircraft refuellers and dispensers, intermodal dry bulk containers and dry tank semi-trailers.


The production of aircraft refuellers was only started at ATCOMEX Company N.V. in 1996 when LAG, another tank manufacturer, had divested this department for being too small.

Paul Van Dyck, ex-LAG employee and within the company walls also called ‘Mister Aircraft Refuelling’, started the department at ATCOMEX Company N.V. and immediately started a production unit in Hamme.

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Take over of WAUTERS Tankconstructie in Hamme by ATCOMEX Company N.V.

At that time the body builder is specialized in Road Tankers.


ATCOMEX Company N.V. moved to a new industrial building in Gullegem (Belgium).

MOL Group of Companies, managed by Gerard MOL, owns ATCOMEX Company N.V.

At that time, ATCOMEX Company N.V. focuses on animal feed tank constructions and small tanks for fuel storage.

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ATeliers de COnstruction MEcanique (ATCOMEX) started in the early thirties as a construction company for steel and aluminum.

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