Summer wish 2020

summer 2020 happy holidays
In Belgium there are still a lot of Covid-19 infections. Though most people are not ill. Perhaps this is good news and the natural group immunity is taking place. But of course the Belgium government recommends everybody to be careful. Besides the recommended distance of 1,5 m between people, the use of face masks are also on most places obligated.

Doctors and scientists around the world are working hard to find out what exactly are good cures for the Covid-19 flu. For example a lot of doctors around the world are treating their patients with hydroxychloroquine, azitromycine and zinc with very good results. Especially in the early stages of the Covid-19 flu. This pandemic has a lot of bad side affects for the people and the economy and asks a lot of inventiveness, creativity but also resilience.

We wish everybody nice summer holidays and let’s hope the end of 2020 is giving much better prospects!
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